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The iPhone is capable of just about anything, and its abilities only continue to grow by the day. While many of the games available on the iPhone are pretty fun to play, nothing compares to playing the classic Game Boy tiles with the G-Pad.

The device is really quite simple, It’s a silicone constructed sleeve that slides right over your iPhone’s touchscreen buttons, giving you a physical, durable D-pad to mash buttons on the go. It’s also extremely lightweight, so you can keep it in your pocket for subway and bus ride gaming sessions. And we worked on both a version for your iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. We are looking for your support to make this simple device a household gadget for casual gamers, so please back our project. Thank you

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AJ - wallet




Think Quality. AJ - wallet sleek anodised aluminium body with 100% genuine leather hand stitched on the aluminium unibody.

AL wallet cards.jpg

Anodised aluminium unibody, 100% genuine leather + stainless steel bottle opener module  or without bottle opener. (AJ-Wallet), laser engraved brand name on the aluminium unibody. 

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Cool Gear From Around The Globe-The Cool AJ Wallet